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Should the Cycling Jersey be Tighter or Looser?

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For many novice riders, they don't know how to choose the most correct cycling jersey, and don't know whether to wear a tighter or looser cycling jersey. In fact, for this degree of tightness, the most important thing is to look at the specific riding scene, riding distance and your own preference.

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1. Analyze Riding Distance

If you are riding for a short distance and just for the ride, in this case, the cycling clothes are of little significance. You can directly choose to wear normal clothes and pants, which are more comfortable and can be used when you finish the ride. Get into other events faster.
If you are riding long distances, within 200 kilometers, then I recommend wearing a tighter jersey, because it not only reduces wind resistance, allows you to ride faster, but also facilitates perspiration and speed. Dry, conforms to your skin and also allows you to ride more comfortably. And most of the jerseys are made of high-grade elastic fabrics, so you won't feel uncomfortable when choosing a tighter jersey.
If it is a ride of more than 200 kilometers, if it is not in a hurry, then I suggest you choose a jersey that is not loose or tight, and wear a normal size, because this will not only protect your hips and reduce wind resistance as much as possible, Optimum comfort is also achieved. If you're racing, then go for the tighter ones, because the tighter ones make you ride faster. If you are riding leisurely, then a little looser is fine, after all, a little looser means more comfort.

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2. Analyze the Riding Scene

If you are riding in the city then I would recommend wearing a looser jersey as a jersey that is too tight will draw a lot of attention when you stop in the city. If you are riding in the mountains or on the road, a tighter jersey may be more suitable.

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