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How to Choose Cycling Clothes and What are the Precautions?

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Cycling clothing is one of the important riding gear. When purchasing, we mainly consider three aspects of version, fabric and style, and choose high-quality cycling clothing according to our own situation and needs. When choosing a cycling jersey, you should also pay attention to the color of the cycling jersey not too dark. It is best to choose a full zipper for the length of the zipper, not a half zipper. In terms of size, choose a smaller one that fits better.

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How to choose cycling clothes?

1. Version Selection

When choosing cycling clothes, the version is very important, and professional cycling clothes are very particular.

I. Tight-fitting: tight-fitting jerseys are tailor-made for professional cycling jersey athletes and lover, and the tight-fitting jerseys can also fit the body more perfectly and reduce wind resistance.
II. Sports style: Sports type cycling clothing is generally designed for cycling enthusiasts. Its design concept is to maximize the comfort of cycling enthusiasts in the process of cycling, and has a certain ergonomic design.

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2. Material Selection

Cycling clothing fabrics generally use lightweight fabrics that are sweat-wicking, breathable, quick-drying, and easy to wash. Keeps you dry and cool throughout your ride with a comfortable, soft texture.

3. Cycling Style

The style of cycling clothes are a symbol of quality. Good cycling clothes are very perfect in details, such as oolactive cycling clothes, which are not only high-grade materials, but also beautiful in design and perfect in details.

I. Exquisite workmanship: The stitching of the jersey is dense, neat and exquisite, there is no excess thread, the printing is complete, and it is not easy to fall off.
II. High-grade material: oolactive's cycling clothes are made of cotton, polyester or spandex, nylon and other materials, so that it has high-quality elasticity and comfort, and the zipper has a long life, the anti-skid belt is correct, the reflective strip is correct, etc. ;
III. Novel design: The design of oolactive's cycling clothes is updated every year, using the best real-time news design, perfectly in line with real-time hotspots, and has a variety of color options, novel styles, with a variety of design elements, basic models, classic models, printing models, etc.;

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Considerations When Choosing Cycling Clothes

1. The color should not be too dark

It's best to choose brightly colored jerseys, if you choose black jerseys for summer riding, you may be hotter. Therefore, choosing cycling clothes with beautiful colors is not only to reduce the heat absorption of cycling, but also to reduce the absorption of ultraviolet rays.

2. Zipper length selection

The more breathable the cycling jersey, the better, so when we choose cycling jersey, it is best to choose a cycling jersey with a full zipper. Even if it is not a cycling jersey with a full zipper, we have to choose the longer the zipper, the better. The jersey will also be more breathable.

3. Choose a smaller size

In terms of size selection, because the cycling jersey itself is elastic, it is best to choose a tight-fitting jersey. It is recommended that you choose a half size or one size smaller.

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