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You Need To Know Six Tips For Riding In The Rainy Season

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I'm sure you don't like riding in the rain. Riding in the rain is a bad decision and a painful trip. Of course, for some cyclists, riding in the rain is also a very comfortable trip. But what I want to tell you is that if you know these six tips for riding in the rain, then I am sure your riding in the rain will be easier and more enjoyable, and riding in the rain will be a ride you love one of the ways.

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1. Choose the Best Suitable Cycling Clothing

What's the worst thing about riding in the rain? Yes, you can't keep warm! Your body cools down quickly when you stop, and cold and wet weather can leave you getting cold and shivery, so opting for a quick-drying, breathable cycling jersey would be a great idea decision. And Oolactive's cycling clothing is made of high-quality materials, which are quick-drying, breathable and sweat-absorbent, so that you will not be wet and uncomfortable due to sweat during the ride, leaving you dry and comfortable riding. Our men's and women's cycling jerseys feature different designs and are ergonomically suited to your most realistic body condition and size.

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2. Choose A Good Cycling Jacket

If you are riding in the rainy season, a short-sleeved cycling jersey cannot support you to complete the ride. In addition to a good cycling jersey, you also need to wear a good cycling jacket. Opting for a breathable, waterproof jacket will not only keep you warm on your rides, but it will also keep you from getting wet.

3. Choose Right Cycling Protective Gear

Throwing away your cycling goggles that you think is really cool won't help you when riding in the rainy season, it will even affect your ride. Opting for waterproof, non-fog cycling goggles will be your best bet. Also choose a helmet that directs rainwater away from your face, don't let your helmet keep accumulating rainwater dripping down your face in a wet climate, it will be a very bad riding experience. Choosing a set of guards suitable for riding in the rainy season can prevent the spray from getting into your eyes and keep your body dry.

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4. Select Mud-guards

Mud-guards are a bike setting that most cyclists won't use, but we have to admit what an exciting bike set up that allows you to ride on wet or muddy roads without worrying about a long line of mud and debris will appear on your back. After all, what a great decision a clean back would be when you arrive at your destination.

5. Prepare All Kinds Of Equipment

Remember, your back pocket is not just for energy bars and food, you can also bring a clean towel. When wet is inevitable on your face, having a dry, clean towel in your pocket is a blessing. In addition to towels, you can also prepare other things, such as a pair of thinner or rainy gloves, or a comfortable neck gaiter or scarf. These are a very good choice.

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6. Attention To The Weather Forecast

One last thing to note is that no matter how sunny the weather is when you travel, find out what the weather will be like at your destination in the next few hours, and whether there are emergency shelters on the way, and whether there are breaks on the way. If you're going to be riding in heavy rain for hours on end, I guess it's an experience you don't like.

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