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How Often Should I Change and Maintain Cycling Clothing?

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Cycling-loving friends should know that no matter how expensive the cycling clothing is, as long as it is worn or cleaned many times, the cycling clothing will always deform or lose its elasticity, and its lifespan will be correspondingly reduced. Because most of the fabrics of cycling clothes are made of cotton, polyester, nylon, and other materials, like ordinary clothes, the number of wearing times is limited, so how often should we change our cycling clothes? How can we maintain our cycling clothes so that they can be used more time?

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How Often Should I Change My Cycling Clothes?

Cycling clothing has a limited number of uses and lifespans, and it is not necessary to buy one piece to wear it permanently. How long a brand new jersey can be worn depends not only on the material but also on the number of rides and the frequency of cleaning.
The service life of cycling clothing is usually 1-2 years, but most of them are within 1 year. If you encounter other special materials or advanced lightweight materials, it will be shorter. In addition, if the riding environment is relatively harsh, the cycling clothing lifespan will be shortened. When your riding clothes are faded, or damaged, the sweat-absorbing effect is weakened, elasticity is weakened, or even deformed, you can consider replacing your riding clothes. And it's best to have effective regular replacements based on how often you ride.

Why Cycling Clothes Should be Changed Regularly

Cycling clothing is the protector of cycling enthusiasts during the riding process. Most people only think that cycling clothing only plays a role in the comfort and sweat absorption. In fact, cycling clothing is indispensable in the riding process. It provides you with comfort and reduces wind resistance, and also escorts your safety. Individual riding clothes have special designs in places that are prone to injury or wear and scratches, which can reduce the damage caused by mistakes.
Therefore, when your cycling clothing loses elasticity and is damaged, it needs to be replaced, so as not to affect the protective effect and leave safety hazards.

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How to Maintain Your Cycling Jersey

In order to prolong the service life of cycling clothes and prevent them from being discarded after wearing them once or twice, it is necessary to do a good job of maintaining cycling clothes.
The maintenance of general cycling clothing is divided into two aspects: Cleaning and Storage.

1. After each cycling ride, do not leave the cycling clothes for too long before washing or not washing them, because sweat stains will cause the clothes to turn yellow and even damage the inner material of the cycling clothes.
2. When cleaning cycling clothes, it is best to control the water temperature at 20-35 degrees, because too high a temperature will burn weak fibers, and too low a temperature will not have the effect of cleaning and anti-virus.
3. You can add a little disinfectant when cleaning, which can better clean the sweat stains on the cycling clothes, or you can clean a dirty area separately
4. It is best to wash the cycling jersey by hand, and try to be as gentle as possible, avoid vigorously rubbing the jersey, and prevent the fabric and layout of the riding, and the pad from being damaged and deformed
5. When drying the cleaned cycling clothes, try to reverse the inside and outside for drying. Short-term sunlight can play a sterilizing effect, but long-term exposure should also be avoided.
6. Pay attention to the storage of cycling clothes after drying. It is not recommended to fold and stack them. Instead, use hangers to support them and place them vertically. It is best to use children's clothes hangers for clothes hangers, or use hangers that are much smaller than those of riding clothes. Prevents the cycling jersey from being held tight when storing it.
7. If you need to fold and store it, it is best to fold it according to the texture and design of the cycling jersey to avoid damage to the internal fibers or links.

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